Brian King

In another life, Brian was a painter. Inspired by the abstract expressionists and eventually found his own style, large canvas paintings with imagery of Catholic nuns. When he and his wife moved to Richmond in 1982 to find work, he was “reincarnated as a coyote,” forced to adapt in order to survive. Going back to school, King became a computer engineer. Since then, he has had a successful tech career, primarily developing architecture software.

He doesn’t paint anymore. Instead, he writes poetry. For the past seven years, Brian has embraced this new medium of expression and has been performing at open mics around town regularly. Brian’s poetry evokes a certain stillness and introspection that we loved.

This episode features several of his poems, including “Jumper,” “Memorial,” and “Government Cheese.” Poetry is cool, so give it a listen!

You can see Brian perform at Cafe Zata’s open mics (fourth Friday of every month) and at River City Poets. One of Brian’s poems, “Hurt,” will be included in the upcoming anthology, Between the Margins, which will be available this September.

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