Dixon, Alec, Josh, and Akin join us for talk of condiments, jingles, and some guy named Colin Kaepernick! VCU’s Brandcenter is a nationally recognized program and we wanted to showcase the talent and brains that go into something that isn’t typically included in high and mighty discussions of “art.”

I didn’t get a chance to ask these fine fellows about the single most influential advertiser of all time, Don Draper, and his body of work from Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price, but, hey–what’re ya gonna do?

If this episode seems like it’s missing something… you’re right! Everyone here is a dude. Lots of dudes. Too many dudes. Blame Dom. In the not-to-distant-future, we’ll be interviewing a female-type group of Brandcenter peeps. Until then, consider yourself branded!

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